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Alumni, Former Guests and Continuing Collaborators

Ph.D. graduates (advisor: Prof. Erik G. Larsson)

  • Antonios Pitarokoilis (Lic. Eng., 2013; Ph.D. LiU 2016)
    Dissertation title: Phase noise and wideband transmission in massive MIMO
    Now postdoc at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Sweden.
  • Hien Q. Ngo (Lic. Eng., 2012; Ph.D. LiU 2015)
    Dissertation title: Massive MIMO: Fundamentals and System Design.
    Now lecturer at Queens University, Belfast, N. Ireland.
  • Mirsad Cirkic; (Lic. Eng., LiU 2011; Ph.D. LiU 2014)
    Dissertation title: Efficient MIMO Detection Methods
    Now with Ericsson, Linköping.
  • Johannes Lindblom (Lic. Eng., LiU 2010; Ph.D. LiU 2014)
    Dissertation title: The MISO Channel as a Model for Non-Orthogonal Spectrum Sharing
    Now with FOI, Linköping.
  • Reza Moosavi (Lic. Eng., LiU 2011; Ph.D., LiU 2014).
    Dissertation title: Improving the Efficiency of Control Signaling in Wireless Multiple Access Systems
    Now with Ericsson Research, Linköping.
  • T.V.K. Chaitanya (Lic. Eng., LiU 2011; Ph.D., LiU 2013).
    Dissertation title: HARQ Systems: Resource Allocation, Feedback Error Protection, and Bits-to-Symbol Mappings
    Now with Huawei, Lund, Sweden.
  • Erik Axell (Lic. Eng., LiU 2009; Ph.D., LiU 2012).
    Dissertation title: Spectrum Sensing Algorithms Based on Second-Order Statistics
    Now with FOI, Linköping, Sweden.

Ph.D. graduates (advisor: Prof. Håkan Johansson)

  • Anu Kalidas M. Pillai (Ph.D., LiU 2015).
    Dissertation title: Signal Reconstruction Algorithms for Time-Interleaved ADCs
    Now with Scania, Södertälje, Sweden.

Postdocs and assistant professors

  • Saif K. Mohammed, 2010-2013.
    Now Assistant Professor at IIT Dehli, India.
  • Ebrahim A. Gharavol, 2011-2012.
    Now Assistant Professor at Imam Reza Intl. University, Iran.
  • Eleftherios Karipidis, 2008-2013.
    Now with Ericsson Research, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Jonas Eriksson, 1999-2011.
    Now with Ericsson, Linköping.
  • Lei Yu, 2011-2012.
    Now Associate Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology, China.
  • Yi Wu, 2010-2012.
    Joined ST-Ericsson, Lund, Sweden in 2012.
  • Shuying Shi, 2009-2010.
    Joined TU Dresden, Germany, in 2010.
  • Anton Blad, 2012-2013.
    Now with Qualcomm, San Diego, USA.
  • Daniel Persson, 2009-2015.
    Now with Qamcom Research and Technology, Gothenburg.
  • Vladimir Savic, 2012-2016.
    Now with Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Salil Kashyap, 2014-2016.
    Now with Marvell, Pune, India.
  • Tan Tai Do, 2016.
    Now with Ericsson Research, Lund, Sweden.
  • Julia Vinogradova, 2015-2016.
    Now with Ericsson Research, Stockholm, Sweden.

Licentiate (Tekn. Lic.) graduates

  • Tobias Ahlström Lic. Eng., 2008 (advisor: Danyo Danev).
    Now with Ericsson, Linköping.
  • Daniel Widell (formerly Puaca), Lic. Eng., 2008 (advisor: Danyo Danev).
    Now with SAAB, Linköping.

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