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TSTE14 Analog filters

Håkan Johansson
Håkan Johansson

Course Director

TSTE14 Analog Filters (6hp) is a course that covers the design and implementation of basic analog filters. The course includes approximation theory as well as passive and active filter structures and their implementations. It covers the same topics as TSEI10 Analog Filters, but at the level A instead of G2.

Course information 2019

Lectures and Lessons

Håkan Johansson, E-mail: hakanj@isy.liu.se


Ziya Gulgun, E-mail: ziya.gulgun@liu.se


Ziya Gulgun, E-mail: ziya.gulgun@liu.se

Course material

  • L. Wanhammar: Analog Filters Using Matlab (available in the book store in Kårallen). Errata.
  • L. Wanhammar: Tables and Formulas for Analog and Digital Filters (available in building A, Entrance 19C, close to LiU-Tryck).
  • Lab material (can be downloaded, se below)

Lecture and lesson plan (10x2h = 20h)

Found on this course info in pdf.

Solutions to the problems

The solutions to the problems of the book can be download here. The file is protected by a password (which will be given out during the course).

Lecture overviews

Laborative work (3x4h = 12h):

Solving problems using Matlab, Multisim, and the ELVIS board.

Depending on the number of students, you may have to sign up for the labs. Information about this will be available when the course starts.

Note that the laborative work is mandatory and must be passed in order to pass the whole course!

The labs below are tagged with 2015 but they are valid this year too.


A written exam of 4 hours duration.
Aids for exam: Mathematical tables/formulas and pocket calculator.
Max 70 p, 30 p required to pass.
Optional seminars (oral), two occasions. Active participation gives maximum 10 p (5 + 5) on the written exam, corresponding to Problem 1.

Previous exams

Exams from the previous Examiner (no solutions available)

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