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TSTE06 Digital filters

Håkan Johansson
Håkan Johansson

Course Director

TSTE06 Digital Filters (6hp) is a course that covers the basics of the design and implementation of digital filters. It covers the following topics: Discrete-time and digital signals and systems. DSP-algorithms. Approximation theory including Butterworth-, Chebyshev-I-, Chebyshev-II-, and Cauer-approximations. Frequency transformations. Synthesis and realization of IIR- and FIR-filters, in particular wave digital filters. Systems with multiple sampling frequencies, decimation and interpolation. Finite-wordlength effects. Numerical properties and implementation issues for digital filters. The course covers the same topics as TSEI07 Digital Filters, but at the level A instead of G2.

Course information 2021

In VT2 2021, the information about the course and the content of this page have been transferred to Lisam (study room TSEI07).

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