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The information that you can find here is valid for autumn 2015. Most will be the same for 2016. The information will be updated in the end of August. Course participants will be notified by email when the updating is done.

TSKS02 Telecommunication

Slides Autumn 2017

Here you find slides (and solutions) from lectures and tutorials. Normally, the slides and solutions are available a few days after the corresponding lecture or tutorial.


Slides from Lectures

  • Lecture 1 (Introduction and Linear filters: Time domain)
    Slides - one per page: PDF[507k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[1124k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[2077k].
  • Lecture 2 (Linear filters: Frequency domain)
    Slides - one per page: PDF[807k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[970k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[314k].
  • Lecture 3 (Channel models)
    Slides - one per page: PDF[3821k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[5444k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[4282k].
  • Lecture 4 (Analog modulation methods: AM, PM, FM)
    Slides - one per page: PDF[5792k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[5439k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[5041k].
  • Lecture 5 (Pulse modulation methods: Sampling, quantization, PAM, PPM, PWM, PCM)
    Slides - one per page: PDF[7409k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[7323k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[7239k].
  • Lecture 6 (Delta Modulation, Introduction to Digital Modulation)
    Slides - one per page: PDF[2539k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[3050k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[2710k].
  • Lecture 7 (Digital Modulation: Vector representation, receivers and error probabilities, binary constellations)
    Slides - one per page: PDF[6389k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[9071k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[7573k].
  • Lecture 8 (Digital Modulation: Non-binary constellations)
    Slides - one per page: PDF[994k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[1482k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[1198k].
  • Lecture 9 (Error Control Codes: Introduction, Error Correction, Binary Codes, Linear Codes)
    Slides - one per page: PDF[225k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[334k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[333k].
  • Lecture 10 (Error Control Codes: Decoding of and Benefits of Error Control Codes) This lecture was only one hour.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[372k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[696k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[491k].
  • Lecture 11
    Nothing yet.

Solutions and slides from Tutorials

Solutions to selected problems will be published here after each tutorial. Note that those solutions were made primarily for the examiner's own eyes. Therefore some solutions are brief and not as detailed as would be preferred.

  • Repetition
    This is not a separate tutorial. It is repetition of calculus, linear algebra and probability theory, for those that might need that.
    Solutions to selected problems: PDF[768k].
  • Tutorial 1
    Linear filters: Signals and systems in the time domain.
    Solutions to selected problems: PDF[550k].
  • Tutorial 2
    Linear filters: Signals and systems in both the time domain and the frequency domain.
    Solutions to selected problems: PDF[350k].
  • Tutorial 3
    Linear filters: Signals and systems in the frequency domain.
    Solutions to selected problems: PDF[961k].
  • Tutorial 4
    Channel models: Cables, radio channels and optical fibers.
    Analog communication: AM, FM, PM.
    Solutions to selected problems (channels): PDF[339k].
  • Tutorial 5
    Pulse modulation: Sampling, quantization, PCM, DM.
    Digital modulation: OOK, ASK, PSK, FSK, QAM.
    Slide, the Q-function: PDF[162k].
    Solutions to selected problems: PDF[289k].
  • Tutorial 6
    Nothing yet.
  • Tutorial 7
    Nothing yet.

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