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The information that you can find here is valid for autumn 2015. Most will be the same for 2016. The information will be updated in the end of August. Course participants will be notified by email when the updating is done.

TSKS02 Telecommunication

Course material Autumn 2017

Background material

If you feel that you lack some prerequisites of the course, you could for instance take a look in some of the books below. They are books that are used, or could be used, in corresponding courses.

  • Calculus:
    • Robert A Adams: Calculus - A Complete Course, Addison Wesley.
  • Linear algebra:
    • Edwards & Penney: Elementary Linear Algebra, Prentice Hall.
    • Howard Anton: Elementary Linear Algebra, Wiley.
  • Probability:
    • Ross: Introduction to Probability Models, Academic Press.
    • Hines: Probability and Statistics in Engineering and Management Science, Wiley, 1980.

There's also the Schaum's outlines series from McGraw-Hill. Those books are especially well suited for recapitulation material. The paper quality is low, and so is the quality of the print and the binding. Therefore they are not especially expensive. The contents, however, is often very good. The theory presented is brief, but contains the most important results. There are numerous solved problems in those books, and also some without given solutions.

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