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TSKS02 Telecommunication

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between TSKS02 Telecommunication and TSKS01 Digital Communication?
This question was introduced 2009 09 28 and the answer was last altered 2015 09 01.

Both courses are broad introductory courses to the telecommunication area, and there is a substantial overlap between the two. The two courses are intended for students with different background, and their foci differ.

TSKS01 is on advanced level, i.e. Master level. It is therefore more theoretic and is intended for engineering students, primarily students in three of our national engineering master programs (Y, D, I) in their fourth year, and for some international engineering master programs. Those students have a thorough mathematical background including calculus, linear algebra, statistics and transform theory. The focus is on analyzing digital communication systems. Course language is Swedish or English, depending on the students. The course is given in Swedish only if all the students want that. This course is given in HT1-HT2.

TSKS02 is on basic level (third year Bachelor). It is intended for engineering Bachelor students, and for computer science students on some international master programs. According to our experience, most of those students lack much of the background that is needed for TSKS01. We only assume a mathematical background in calculus, linear algebra and some statistics. That necessarily means that the theoretic depth of TSKS02 is smaller than that for TSKS01. The part of the course where the difference is the largest is regarding Digital modulation, which is where we primarily need stochastic processes for a thorough analysis. Actually TSKS02 is a broader course covering more topics than TSKS01, but the focus here is on describing systems. We do perform some analysis, but a more rudimental type compared to TSKS01. The course language is English if needed. This course is given in HT1-HT2.

Both courses prepare students for more in-depth courses in areas that are introduced in those courses. TSKS01 prepares the students for all available telecommunication courses, while TSKS02 prepares the students for some such courses.

Note: The overlap between these two courses is too large for taking both those courses.


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