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TSKS01 Digital Communication

Lectures, autumn 2017

This is where you can find slides from the lectures. The slides are added here continuously as the lectures are given.

  • Lecture 1 Introduction, Repetition, and Noise Modeling. Note: There are some additional examples at the end of the slides that can be used for repetition.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[3252k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[3231k].
  • Lecture 2 Noise Modeling, Pulse-Amplitude Modulation, Signals as Vectors
    Slides - one per page: PDF[2360k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[2346k].
  • Lecture 3 Signals as Vectors, Single/Multi Carrier Modulation, Receiver Design
    Slides - one per page: PDF[3305k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[3282k].
  • Lecture 4 ML detection, standard signal constellations.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[3280k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[3263k].
  • Lecture 5 Digital modulation: Bits and pieces
  • Lecture 6 Dispersive channels, ML sequence detection
  • Lecture 7 ML sequence detection, Viterbi algorithm
  • Lecture 8 Error control codes
  • Lecture 9 Error control codes: Decoding, examples, and benefits
  • Lecture 10 Bounds on good codes, convolutional codes, CRC codes
  • Lecture 11 Practical aspects (Eye patterns, Synchronization)
  • Lecture 12 Link adaptation and packet transmission

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