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Bulletin board for TSKS01 Digital Communication
Information is added here during the course. In particular, all emails that are sent out during the course will also be published here. No notes are removed during the course.
2017 08 23   Information letter 1: Course information
    Welcome to the course TSKS01 Digital Communication!

The course information and some other information is now available at the course homepage: //www.commsys.isy.liu.se/en/student/kurser/TSKS01

All information about the course can be found there. Any additional information will be sent out by email and then posted on the bulletin board at the homepage. The course homepages and the mailing list are the means that I will use to communicate important information to the students.

The first lecture is on Friday, September 1, at 13:15. It is important that you show up at this lecture, because I need to know how many people that intends to take the course - in particular to plan the number of lab sessions that should be scheduled.

Important: We will use a new edition of the course compendium this year. It should be available at the LiU Service Center, Building A, at the day of the first lecture. The compendium has the date "August 2017" printed at the bottom of the front page. It is also possible to use the edition from 2016 (a few misprints have been corrected and some new tutorial problems have been added). However, you cannot use course material from earlier years, because the course content changed substantially in 2016.

See you next week!
    Emil Björnson
2017 08 31   Information letter 2: Course compendium is ready
    I have been told that the course book and problem-solving book have been printed. They are available for purchase at the LiU Service Center, Building A, entrance 19C. The course book has compendium number A1671 and costs 214 SEK. The problem-solving book has compendium number A1672 and costs 81 SEK. The price covers the printing, there is no profit for the authors. The Service Center is open 9.15-15.15 from Monday to Friday.

On the course homepage you can find the preliminary lecture plan and which parts of the course book that will be covered. I recommend that you read these chapters and/or sections before each lecture and prepare questions. In this way, you will get the most out of the teaching sessions and save time in your studies.

Similarly, there is a list of tutorial problems that we recommend for each tutorial session. I recommend you to read the problem formulations in advance and see how far you can solve the problems. At the tutorial session, the teacher will solve some of the problems on the whiteboard and then support you in the solving of the remaining ones.

See you tomorrow!
    Emil Björnson
2017 09 04   Information letter 3: Slides from first two lectures
    The slides from the first two lectures are now available on the course homepage.

If you are not receiving automatic email, please try to add yourself: //liu.se/insidan/it/epost/search?l=en Unfortunately, part of this webpage is in Swedish, but so please ask if you need help.

See you next week!
    Emil Björnson
2017 11 20   Information letter 4: Lab memo
    The laboratory exercises start on Friday this week. The lab memo is now available on the course homepage:


You need to read it carefully before the first lab session. Note that it is mandatory to attend the first and the last lab session. It is also recommended that you attend the other sessions, so that you can receive feedback from the teaching assistent on your solutions. In addition to the scheduled sessions, you should expect to spend additional time on solving the lab task and writing the report.

Good luck!
    Emil Björnson
2017 11 24   Information letter 5: Updated lab memo and Symbol Timing Recovery
    I have made some small changes in the lab memo in preparation for today's lab session. Most importantly, we have updated the three Simulink files, so please make sure to use that version - otherwise it won't work.

Link to the lab memo:

I have also uploaded the extra pages about Symbol Timing Recovery that I mentioned on the last lecture:


Please read these pages and treat them as if they are part of the printed book.

    Emil Björnson
2017 12 11   Information letter 6: Last lecture slides and popular science
    I gave the final lecture today. All the lecture slides are now available at the course webpage. After today, only one lab session and one tutorial session remain before the exam. The final written exam takes place on January 11 and you need to register in advance to take the exam. I will be out-of-office from December 21 to January 8. If you have any questions regarding the course material, please take the opportunity to ask these on the last tutorial session! You are welcome to come to my or Kamil's office to ask questions. You are welcome whenever I am in the office with the door open. You can also send me an email to book an appointment.

I have added a webpage with popular science videos, from which I hope you can learn the bigger picture and also see what our continuation courses in wireless communications or multiple-antenna communications are dealing with. You find the page here:

Good luck with the rest of the course! The best way to practice for the exam is to read the book and to solve the tutorial problems.

    Emil Björnson
2017 12 18   Information letter 7: Final lab session and exam registration
    First of all, I would like to remind you that the final lab session takes place today. It is mandatory to attend this session and finalize your lab project. You are supposed to have a working solution and an acceptable report at the end of the session. This report should then be sent to me and Kamil by email. As soon as these tasks have been finished and Kamil have approved them, you are welcome to go home and enjoy the holiday season!

Please arrive on time (13:15) since I will give an award to the group that achieved the highest bit rate, under the given requirements.

Finally, I would also like to remind you to register for the exam. The registration system is open until the end of the year. The exam takes place on 2018-01-11, 14-18.

    Emil Björnson

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