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TSKS01 Digital Communication

Course program, autumn 2017



The main course literature are the following two compendia by Mikael Olofsson and Emil Björnson that you can buy/order at the LiU Service Center, Building A, entrance 19C:

  • Mikael Olofsson, Emil Björnson, Introduction to Digital Communication, August 2017. Compendium number A1671, price SEK 214.
  • Extra pages on Symbol Timing Recovery
  • Introduction to Digital Communication - Problems, August 2017. Compendium number A1672, price SEK 81.

Older versions: The course will use the new 2017 edition of the compendia. There are only minor changes as compared to the 2016 edition, so you can certainly use it instead. A few misprints have been corrected in the new edition. Please see the following errata for the 2016 edition. We have also added new tutorials problems in the new edition, but these can be downloaded from the course webpage from 2016.

We stongly discourage the use of other editions of the course compendia. One third of the course was changed in 2016 and this part is not covered by older versions of the compendia.

In case you have the following formula handbook, it might come in handy in certain tutorials. It is also allowed to bring to the exam. It can be bought at Bokakademin in Kårallen.

  • Mikael Olofsson: Tables and Formulas for Signal Theory (course material in Signal Theory).

If you are following TSDT14 Signal Theory in parallel with this course, you should already have one.

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