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TSIN01 Information Networks


The recommended course book is Data Networks by Dimitri Bertsekas and Robert G. Gallager, second edition, 1992, ISBN 9780132009164 (paperback).

The book can be obtained by the university bookstore Bokakademin at a reasonable price.

A scanned copy of the book can be downloaded from the author's webpage.

The course contents are covered in the following chapters:

  • Ch. 1: Introduction and Layered Network Architecture
  • Ch. 3.2: Queueing Models - Little's Theorem
  • Ch. 3.3: The M/M/1 Queueing System
  • Ch. 4.2: Slotted Multiaccess and the Aloha System
  • Ch. 4.3: Splitting Algorithms
  • Ch. 4.4: Carrier Sensing
  • Ch. 4.5: Multiaccess Reservations
  • Ch. 4.6: Packet Radio Networks
  • Ch. 5.1: Routing Introduction
  • Ch. 5.2: Network Algorithms and Shortest Path Routing

Other material

Lecture slides