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TSIN01 Information Networks


Goal: The assignment is meant to give the students the opportunity to obtain deeper understanding of some fundamental contention-based multiple-access algorithms. It is a short implementation project that supplements and validates the theoretical exposition that is perfomed in class. The assignment worths 2 ECTS credits and it is cosidered completed (pass grade) only when all questions are correctly answered.

Slotted ALOHA Algorithm and Pseudo-Bayesian Stabilization

(click on the title to download the description)

Requirements: The reports will be graded only if they comply to all of the requirements below.

  • The assignment is strictly personal.
  • Answer all questions.
  • Write the report in English.
  • Sufficiently comment your code.
  • Do not forget to write your name and personal number on your code and report.
  • Send your report, including your code as appendix, as a single pdf file to Amin Ghazanfari(amin.ghazanfari@liu.se) and cc to Danyo Danev (danyo.danev@liu.se).
  • Deadline: Monday, October 23th, 2017.

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