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TSEI50 Linear Systems

Håkan Johansson
Håkan Johansson

Course Director

TSEI50 Linear Systems (6hp) is a basic course in discrete-time signals and systems and serves as preparation for other courses. The emphasis is on analysis methods for linear systems as well as sampling and reconstruction of continuous-time signals. This includes difference equations, convolution, Fourier series, Fourier and z-transforms, and relations between discrete-time and continuous-time signals. The course also covers interpolation and decimation, as well as the basics of quantization and white-noise signals and their propagation through linear systems.

Course information 2019


Håkan Johansson, E-mail: hakanj@isy.liu.se

Lessons and Laboratories:

Sucharita Chakraborty, E-mail: sucharita.chakraborty@liu.se

Course material:

  • H. Johansson: Discrete-time systems (available in Building A, Entrance 19C, next to LiU-Tryck).
  • Compendia: Problems and solutions (password required, handed out during the course).
  • Errata to the book and problems/solutions (password required).
  • Laboratories (password required).
  • S. Söderkvist: Formler och Tabeller (available in the bookstore in Kårallen). (This is in Swedish, but any corresponding Formulas/Tables compendium will do.)

Lecture and lesson plan (12x2h = 24h):

Found on this course info in pdf.


Laborative work (4x4h = 16h):

Solving problems using Matlab.

Registration to the lab exercises can be done in Lisam after the course has started (2019-09-04)

Note that the laborative work is mandatory and must be passed in order to pass the whole course!


A written exam of 4 hours duration.
Aids for exam: Mathematical tables/formulas and pocket calculator.
Max 70 p, 30 p required to pass.
Optional seminars (oral), two occasions. Active participation gives maximum 10 p (5 + 5) on the written exam, corresponding to Problem 1.

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