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TSEI50 Linear Systems

Håkan Johansson
Håkan Johansson

Course Director

TSEI50 Linear Systems (6hp) is a basic course in discrete-time signals and systems and serves as preparation for other courses. The emphasis is on analysis methods for linear systems as well as sampling and reconstruction of continuous-time signals. This includes difference equations, convolution, Fourier series, Fourier and z-transforms, and relations between discrete-time and continuous-time signals. The course also covers interpolation and decimation, as well as the basics of quantization and white-noise signals and their propagation through linear systems.

Course information 2017


Håkan Johansson, E-mail: hakanj@isy.liu.se

Lessons and Laboratories:

Daniel Verenzuela, E-mail: daniel.verenzuela@liu.se

Course material:

  • H. Johansson: Discrete-time systems (will be available in Building A).
  • Compendia: Problems and solutions (password required, handed out during the course).
  • Laboratories (password required).
  • S. Söderkvist: Formler och Tabeller (available in the bookstore in Kårallen). (This is in Swedish, but any corresponding Formulas/Tables compendium will do.)

Lecture and lesson plan (12x2h = 24h):

Found on this course info in pdf.


Laborative work (4x4h = 16h):

Solving problems using Matlab.

You need to sign up for the labs (possible after the course has started).

Note that the laborative work is mandatory and must be passed in order to pass the whole course!


A written exam of 4 hours duration.
Aids for exam: Mathematical tables/formulas and pocket calculator.
Max 70 p, 30 p required to pass.
Optional seminars (oral), two occasions. Active participation gives maximum 10 p (5 + 5) on the written exam, corresponding to Problem 1.

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