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TSDT14 Signal Theory

Course Material Autumn 2017

Background material

If you feel that you lack some prerequisites of the course, you could for instance take a look in some of the books below. They are books that are used, or could be used, in corresponding courses.
  • Calculus:
    • Robert A Adams: Calculus - A Complete Course, Addison Wesley.
  • Linear algebra:
    • Edwards & Penney: Elementary Linear Algebra, Prentice Hall.
    • Howard Anton: Elementary Linear Algebra, Wiley.
  • Probability:
    • Ross: Introduction to Probability Models, Academic Press.
    • Hines: Probability and Statistics in Engineering and Management Science, Wiley, 1980.
  • Signals and systems:
    • Ziemer, Tranter & Fannin: Signals and Systems: Continuous and Discrete, Macmillan, 1993.

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