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TSDT14 Signal Theory

Course Material Autumn 2017

Alternative litterature

If you want to see alternative descriptions of the material, you can find a few books listed here. Note that most of those books cover only the linear parts of this course.

There are several books available with the title Probability and Random Processes, e.g.:

  • by D.G. Childers, published by Irwin 1997. ISBN 0-07-114463-3.
  • by Y. Viniotis, published by McGraw-Hill 1998. ISBN 0-07-067491-4.
  • by A. Papoulis, published by McGraw-Hill 1991. ISBN 0-07-048477-5.
  • av Davenport, utgiven på McGraw-Hill, 1987. ISBN 0-07-015440-6.

A few other books:

  • Carl W. Helstrom, Stochastic Processes for Engineers, Macmillan, 1984, ISBN 0-02-946507-9.
  • Yates & Goodman, Probability and random processes. A Friendly introduction for electrical and computer engineers, Wiley, 1999, ISBN .

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