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TSDT14 Signal Theory

Lectures and tutorials autumn 2017

Lectures - Slides

Here you primarily will find slides from the lectures. Those slides will be added here as the lectures go by.

If I do not manage to make the slides available before a lecture, you may be interested in the corresponding slides from last year. Most probably, I will use the same slides this year aswell.

  • Lecture 1
    Introduction and short repetition of Signals and Systems. Also repetition of Stochastic variables.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[3035k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[3180k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[3172k].
  • Lecture 2
    Stochastic processes, definitions, stationarity, Gaussian processes, white noise.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[1030k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[1057k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[1052k].
  • Lecture 3
    Ergodicity and LTI filtering of stochastic processes. Cross-correlation and cross-spectrum.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[975k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[984k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[981k].
  • Lecture 4
    Slides - one per page: PDF[2835k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[3261k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[3255k].
  • Lecture 5
    Filtering of stochastic processes by momentary polynomial non-linear systems.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[553k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[989k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[769k].
  • Lecture 6 Saturation and quantization. Poisson Processes.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[5961k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[6511k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[5730k].
  • Lecture 7
    Analog modulation - AM, FM, PM.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[3588k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[3446k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[3302k].
  • Lecture 8
    Analog modulation continued - FM, PM.
    Repetition of Sampling and Pulse-Amplitude Modulation (deterministically).
    Sampling and Pulse-Amplitude Modulation (stochastically).
    Slides - one per page: PDF[1281k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[1438k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[1327k].
  • Lecture 9
    Reconstruction of time-continuous and time-discrete signals.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[175k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[221k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[221k].
  • Lecture 10
    Reconstruction in CD-players.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[705k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[1426k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[929k].
  • Lecture 11
    Multi-dimensional signals, systems and processes.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[2382k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[10669k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[10631k].
  • Lecture 12
    Complex Processes.
    Slides - one per page: PDF[2177k].
    Slides - two per page: PDF[755k].
    Slides - four per page: PDF[822k].

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