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Bulletin Board for TSDT14 Signal Theory
Information is added here during the course. No notes are removed during the course. Please, make it a habit to take a look at this page once a week.
2017 08 22   Information letter 1: Course information
    Welcome to this course. The course information and some other information is now available from the course web. All information about the course is there. Any additional information will be posted on this bulletin board. The course web pages and the course mailing list are the means that I intend to use to communicate information to the students. However, my intention is to keep the traffic intensity on the mailing list low.
    Mikael Olofsson
2017 09 07   Information letter 2: Slight adjustment to the schedule
    This concerns the lecture on Friday 2017-09-15, 10-12. Some students taking the course have teaching at the hospital right before that. In order to give them a reasonable chance to show up on time for our lecture, it will start at 10:20, and we will have just a ten minutes brake i the middle of the lecture.
    Mikael Olofsson

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