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TSDT14 Signal Theory

Course Program Autumn 2017


The plan below should be interpreted as an indication about approximately when the various course parts will be treated.

Lecture Contents Reference, Olofsson Extra-material
1 Introduction. Notation. Brief repetition of Signals and Systems, and stochastic variables. 2-3
2 Stochastic signals. 4.1-4.9
3 LTI filtering. White noise. Colored noise. 4.10-4.11, 5.1-5.3
4 Estimation. 10
5 Various: Cross-Correlation, Cross-Spectrum, Poisson processes. Prediction. 4.12, 5.4
6 Polynomial non-linearities. 7.1-7.4
7 Saturation and Quantization. 7.5-7.6
8 Modulation. AM, PM, FM. 8
9 Sampling and PAM. 6.1-6.2
10 Reconstruction. 6.3-6.4, 11
11 Multi-Dimensional Processes and Systems. 9
12 Complex processes. Yes

The extra material for lecture nine will be distributed in paper form, either before or at that lecture.

My recommendation is that you read the corresponding part of the course material through once before each lecture. If not, the lecture may not be as useful to you as you might wish.

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