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Student Information from Communication Systems


These are all courses given by the Division of Communication Systems at the Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY). For separate listings of courses on basic level and advanced level, see the menu to the left.

Course code and name Examiner Level Period
ETE306 Diskret matematik (in Swedish) Danyo Danev G1 VT1-2
TATA62 Projektkurs i tillämpad matematik, CDIO (in Swedish) Danyo Danev A HT1-2
TSDT14 Signal Theory Mikael Olofsson A HT1
TSDT16 Error-Correcting Codes Danyo Danev A HT1
TSDT74 Radio Communication Danyo Danev A VT2
TSIN01 Information Networks Danyo Danev A HT1
TSIN02 Internetworking Daniel Persson A HT2
TSKS01 Digital Communication Mikael Olofsson A HT1-2
TSKS02 Telecommunication Daniel Persson G2 HT1-2
TSKS03 Wireless systems Mikael Olofsson A VT1-2
TSKS04 Digital Communication Continuation Course Mikael Olofsson A VT1
TSKS05 Communication Systems CDIO Danyo Danev A HT1-2
TSKS10 Signaler, information & kommunikation (in Swedish) Erik G. Larsson G2 VT2
TSKS11 Networks: Models, Algorithms and Applications Erik G. Larsson G2 HT2
TSRT04 Introduktionskurs i Matlab (in Swedish) Daniel Persson G2 HT1,VT1,VT2
Courses at basic level are normally given in Swedish, while courses at advanced level normally are given in English.

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