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Master Thesis in Communication Systems

Available external projects

The following list contains external thesis projects from companies which have contacted the division of Communication Systems in search of students with a suitable background in telecommunication. To apply for a project, please contact the corresponding company directly. After an agreement has been made with the company, an examiner at Communication Systems will be assigned to the project.

1. Underwater Voice Communication
  The task is to investigate the possibility of using a low cost ultrasonic technology for underwater voice communication over a short distance (10-15 m) without adding a lot of cost to the divers equipment. The bandwidth is limited to 1.2 KHz and the signal strength to -6 dB.
Location: Linköping.
Mobile phone: 0703104448.
2. Communications for Grouped Staff (description in Swedish)
  This Master Thesis project treats the question of how communication can be guaranteed within a closely grouped staff in the field.
Company: FOI
Location: Linköping.
In order to work at FOI you have to be swedish citizen!
3. Signal Processing for reduced hardware massive MIMO
  The aim of the MSc thesis is to model reduced complexity massive MIMO communication systems and propose signal processing algorithms for reduced complexity hardware and evaluate their performance. This work can be used as a starting point to specify efficient massive MIMO wireless access strategies for reduced complexity hardware.
Company: Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent
Location: Dublin, Ireland.
4. The next step in Heterogenous Network development: Basic WiFi and Cellular integration using Passpoint authentication of WiFi clients
  The task is to define, design, test and document a solution for adaption of a mobile server for Passpoint certification of WLAN that is scalable and applicable to current and future projects where this is required. This requires a sizable amount of information gathering to master a deep knowledge about the Passpoint standard as well as WLAN and Mobile systems in general.
Company: ReWiCom
Location: Kista.
5. UWB radar lobstyrning och signalbehandling (description in Swedish)
  Develop and implement on existing hardware algorithms for shaping the antenna lobe for both sending and receiving as well as detect one ore more moving objects.
Company: Cinside AB
Location: Linköping.
6. Radardesign och sensornätverk (description in Swedish)
  The target is to perform design and construction of a complete radar sensor for finding people buried under demolished buildings.
Company: Cinside AB
Location: Linköping.
7. Wireless Measuring of Tension in Bolted Joints (description in Swedish)
  The project target is to find efficient wireless communication with the chip implemented in a bolt so that the manifacturing cost is substantialy decreased. This should be done so that the bolts could still be used in harsh environments.
Company: AB Momento
Location: Flen.
8. Synkronisering med hjälp av protokollsymboler (description in Swedish)
  There are various solutions for improving reliability of a data communication application. This project is about defining structures that utilize context synchronization and thus improving the reliability.
Company: Vortechz AB
Location: Linköping.

Companies often advertise available thesis projects on their web pages, typically under ``job opportunities''. Several local companies and institutes have activities relevant to the research at the division, for example, Ericsson, FOI, SECTRA. The division of Communication Systems has a large network with local industry and can usually help students find external master thesis projects. The best way of initiating such contacts is to contact the teacher in the division you feel best can assess your capabilities.

Many companies offer thesis projects in the form of internships. If you have found a project in a company and are looking for an examiner at LiU, please contact our master thesis coordinator Dr. Danyo Danev with a brief description (1/2 page) of the project, and a copy of your grade transcripts. The project should be related to the general area of communication systems and to the courses offered by the division or the research that we conduct.

When you write to a company or to a faculty member in Communication Systems to apply for a thesis project, please include a brief personal letter (<1 page); brief CV; and complete grade transcripts from undergraduate and M.Sc. studies. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please use PDF file format. MS-Word attachments are usually not opened.

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