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Is the Cyclic Prefix Needed in Massive MIMO?



A common way to handle a frequency-selective channel is to add a prefix to every transmitted block of data. If this prefix is cyclic, i.e. a repetition of the last part of the block, then the channel can be seen as a cyclic convolution, which simplifies the mathematical description of the channel and the equalization of the signal. The prefix, however, uses valuable spectrum resources, which cannot be used for data transmission. In massive MIMO, these spectrum resources are extra valuable because a big part of the coherence interval is occupied by training data and the remaining part has to be shared between up and downlink transmission.

Problem statement

This work would investigate the possibility of data transmission without a prefix, in order to increase the effective spectral efficiency of the transmission.


The student needs a strong background in linear algebra, probability theory, and good skills in Matlab programming.


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