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Training Length Optimization for Massive MIMO Systems with Phase Noise Impairments

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Massive MIMO have now been established as one of the major candidate technologies for the fifth generation networks. The realization of such systems requires the use of many base station antennas. This technology is scalable and financially viable only if cheap components are used. Such components though are likely to be of low quality and introduce degradation the transmitted and received signals. Phase noise is such an impairment that arises due to circuitry imperfections of the oscillators that are used to upconvert the baseband signal to the passband and vice versa. Phase noise is particularly challenging since it acts multipicatively on the transmit and receive signal and evolves at every channel use transforming quasi-static propagation channels to time-varying effective channels. Further, phase noise impairs the quality of the channel estimates that are used for the linear precoding and reception.

Problem statement

In this project, the effect of training length on the achievable sum rate performance will be studied for a single-cell multi-user Massive MIMO system (uplink and downlink) with phase noise impairments both at the transmitter side and the receiver side. The channel will be estimated by means of time domain orthogonal sequences and the estimated channels will be used for the linear receive filters and precoders at the base-station antennas.


The student needs a strong background in linear algebra, probability theory, and good skills in Matlab programming.


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