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Master Thesis in Communication Systems

Available internal projects

These projects are related to one of our current research projects and you will work in close collaboration with our faculty and Ph.D. students. To apply for an internal project, please send an email to the contact person for the project, and include a short description of yourself and a grade transcript. Generally, students applying for internal projects must have a strong background in mathematics and good skills in computer programming. Some knowledge of hardware is useful for some of the projects.

Wireless System Studies

1. Comparison of anti-jamming techniques
  Investigate anti-jamming solutions for the TETRA system.
2. Performance analysis of UWB-based time-of-arrival estimation techniques in multipath environments
  In this project, the goal is to analyse and compare different TOA estimation techniques using real-data set obtained in the basement tunnel at Linkoping University.
3. Performance Analysis of MU-MIMO with Very Large Antenna Arrays Over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
  Study the performance of MU-MIMO with very large antenna arrays over Nakagami-m channels.

Coding Theory

4. Soft blind decoding algorithms
  Implement a soft viterbi decoder with various supporting features for blind decdoding and compare blind decoding performance.
5. Arithmetic in prime fields based on Eisenstein integers
  Compare arithmetic operations in some prime field(s) using different representations.
6. Software for density evolution studies of LDPC codes
  Develop simulation tools in C++ and study the density evolution of LDPC codes.

Have your own idea about a possible master thesis project? Contact one of the faculty members in our division.

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