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Ph.D. Level Courses

Fundamentals of Massive MIMO


This course will expose the basic operational principles and techniques for analysis of Massive MIMO, the scalable 5G technology.


Prof. Erik G. Larsson, ISY/Communication Systems.


The course is open to students enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Linköping University/ISY. External participants upon request. If you have interest to participate, please register by sending an email to erik.g.larsson@liu.se, by December 18, 2015.


Good knowledge of wireless and digital communications, information theory, linear algebra, matrix analysis, and probability theory. General mathematical maturity.


Tentative lecture plan:

  1. Overview, myths and realities
  2. Mathematical background: circularly symmetric Gaussian variables, Wishart distributions
  3. Fading channels. Capacity of scalar, MIMO and multiuser (MAC/BC) channels.
  4. Techniques for capacity bounding
  5. Analysis of single-cell Massive MIMO systems
  6. Analysis of multi-cell Massive MIMO systems
  7. Power control
  8. Case studies: rural and mobile access
  9. Propagation
  10. Analysis of MMSE techniques
  11. Effects of hardware impairments

In addition, there will be 4-5 homework sessions.

Lectures 1-9 will be given by Erik G. Larsson and lectures 10-11 will be given by Emil Björnson.

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