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Ph.D. Level Courses

Game Theory


This course will give an introduction to game theory, with some applications to resource allocation and communications.


Prof. Erik G. Larsson and Dr. <Unknown username: karipidis>, ISY/Communication Systems


The course is open to students enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Linköping University. External participants upon request. If you have interest to participate, please register by sending an email to the instructor, by Jan 9th, 2009.


Good knowledge of linear algebra, probability and statistics. General mathematical maturity.

Course outline and organization

This course will be given in seminar form. E. Larsson and L. Karipidis will give a few first lectures, and then students will present one seminar each.
  • The course consists of weekly lectures/seminars (planned for Mondays at 9:15 am). Active participation by students is requested and students will also be expected to present solutions to homework problems in class.
  • Course start on Monday, January 19th, 9:15. Venue: Glashuset
  • Next seminar on Friday, April 24th, 15:30. Venue: Algoritmen
  • Course outline and schedule (updated on Apr. 9th)





The worth of the course is 6 ECTS credits.


  • Active seminar participation
  • Two homework problem sets. All to be solved and submitted individually. Deadlines to be strictly observed.
  • Presentation of homework solutions (one or more problems per homework seminar).
  • Presentation of one seminar on a topic assigned by the instructors.
  • Oral exam, when necessary.

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