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Ph.D. Level Courses

Classical MIMO communications


The object of this course is to teach classical and foundational material related to single-user and multi-user MIMO wireless communications that currently is not covered by TSKS14 (Multiple Antenna Communications, master level), its doctoral-level extension, or by the doctoral-level course on Multiuser MIMO and Spatial Resource Allocation.


Prof. Erik G. Larsson and Assoc. Prof. Emil Björnson, ISY/Communication Systems.


The course is open to students enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Linköping University/ISY. External participants or master students upon request. If you have interest in participating, please write to erik.g.larsson@liu.se.


General mathematical maturity. Basic knowledge or course in wireless communications.

Documents and links

Examination and credits

    Examination: homework problems and oral presentations. 5 ECTS.

For more information

Please write to erik.g.larsson@liu.se.

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