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Mikael Olofsson

Position: Senior Lecturer
Also: Webmaster for Communication Systems
Address: Linköping University,
Dept. of Electrical Engineering,
SE-581 83 Linköping, Sweden
Office: Building B, top floor, corridor A between entrances 27 and 29.
Telephone: +46-(0)13-281343
Telefax: +46-(0)13-139282
Activity: Research
Curriculum Vitae
Mikael Olofsson

Mikael got his MSc and PhD degrees at Linköping University. His research interest is mainly concerning VLSI architectures for operations in finite fields. At the end of his Master studies he was introduced to this area, which resulted in a Master Thesis about the VLSI implementation of a universal exponentiator for finite extension fields of characteristic 2. He then continued his studies and presented his PhD thesis VLSI Aspects on Inversion in Finite Fields in February 2002.

Today, Mikael devotes most of his time to teaching, mainly subjects related to telecommunication, but also a basic electronics course. He rarely finds time for research, but when he does, he continues the path set out by his theses.

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