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As a PhD student at the CommSys division, my main research interest is massive MIMO---a wireless transmission technique that utilises arrays of hudreds of antennae to send information to multiple users at the same time and over the same frequency. This transmission technique could potentially increase data rates of future communication systems, as well as making them more environmentally friendly by decreasing their power consumption.

My research interest is low-PAR precoding techniques, which is a means to produce signals for the base station that are hardware-friendly, i.e. easy to generate and transmit. Such precoding schemes could simplify the implementation of massive MIMO and lower the power consumption of massive MIMO base stations further.

I am and have been teaching the following courses: the CDIO course, Signal Theory and Signals, Information and Communications.


On September 2, 2016, I defened my licentiate thesis On Massive MIMO Base Stations with Low-End Hardware. Please, contact me if you are interested in a copy of the dissertation. It is also available at the university library.

Please, contact me if you are interested in doing a master thesis in massive MIMO. I have some ideas that I want to try out.

Visit our new blog to read more about massive MIMO.

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